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I have been passionate about technology from childhood, ever since my family acquired an Apple II+ microcomputer in 1979. Many evenings were spent absorbed in learning programming languages and writing programs.

Corporate Life

Armed with my college education in Computer Science, I worked as a programmer at IBM while in college, then ultimately dev team leader at headquarters, then a technical specialist in database products at an IBM sales & marketing branch in NYC. Not loving Sales & Marketing, I left IBM after almost 6 years.

I moved to Morgan Stanley, developing and supporting e-mail, decision support and FX trading applications, ultimately leading a risk and trading application development team for some NY trading desks. With data being a critical problem area, I soon jumped head first into market data responsibilities, ultimately managing the firm’s Historical Pricing data resources and infrastructure firm-wide for several years. I was then asked to form a new global data infrastructure team under a new consolidated Enterprise Data Group, with a mission to architect and build standard infrastructure to be leveraged by all enterprise data resources for containment, distribution and application integration with a new focus on high availability, stability and security.

Entrepreneurial Life

After a fun and successful 20 years at Morgan Stanley, I departed to explore more entrepreneurial endeavors, trying my hand in a partnership, building mobile applications. While it was a couple years of fun and learning, technical advisory and project management consulting called me back to the corporate world. Since then, a move north of NYC during the depths of Covid has me hanging my shingle for freelance technology services working from my home office to support local businesses and home clients for the full gamut of their technology needs. I do enjoy the variety!

I continue to be impassioned by technology and spend much of my free time learning and exploring new technology products from software, database platforms, smart home, multimedia and videoconferencing devices or the latest WiFi and networking breakthroughs.

I enjoy bringing my natural curiosity and desire to get things done right, to whatever projects I pursue.

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I am flexible to client needs. Arriving at a sufficiently detailed description of work and what will be delivered for larger projects, often comes with up-front costs for proposal development. Proposals for smaller more well-defined projects can often be accomplished as my cost of doing business. I can recommend an approach that will hopefully satisfy your needs, once we have a more detailed discussion.

While I work quite efficiently at minimal cost to the client in my home-office utilizing video-conferencing, phone and VPN services with regular client visits, I AM indeed open to more structured schedules involved with part or full-time onsite work. Such work would involve billing for time rather than project, though project-level estimates can be provided for budgeting purposes.

Most likely! Please get in touch with me to discuss your technology concerns or challenges, as I’m happy to help identify and prioritize project or smaller work efforts I can assist with.

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Phone: +1 (212) 243-3262

E-mail: dan@danberndt.com

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